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Stafford County Public Schools

31 Stafford Ave
Stafford, VA, United States

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Stafford, VA, United States 




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Education: Classroom Teaching level3, Early Childhood Care & Development, Elementary School, General-Other: Training-Instruction, Junior-High School, Special Education

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Under the supervision of the Principal and/or other designated administrator, the Teacher develops and implements an instructional program that will effectively meet the needs of all students. The Teacher assesses and evaluates student performance and modifies instructional activities as appropriate.  
About Stafford County VA Public Schools

There are a lot of places you can find a job, but few places you can find a home.

Stafford County is located 40 miles south of Washington DC. Here at Stafford County Public Schools, a superior instructional program is a top priority. We focus on strategies that challenge each student to reach his or her potential and to succeed in society. We inspire excellence by employing high-quality educators, and offer many professional development opportunities and mentor programs for our staff. With 30 schools educating over 28,500 students, our school system is one of the best in Virginia. Our students score above the state and national averages on standardized tests, and earn awards at the regional, state and national levels. More than 82% of our graduates plan to continue their education at college or trade/technical schools.

Job Requirements:

1. Hold or be eligible for a valid teaching license which meets Commonwealth of Virginia requirements with specific endorsement in the area to which assigned.
2. Ongoing evidence of mental and physical competence to perform assigned responsibilities may be required from a qualified physician.
3. An applicant who has had prior experience in a related position must have a performance rating which is acceptable to Stafford County Public Schools for such experience. 
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: 
1. Demonstrate ability to work cooperatively with the total staff.
2. Demonstrate ability to relate positively to parents and other community representatives.
3. Demonstrate appropriate use of written and verbal communication; thorough knowledge of English grammar and usage.
4. Demonstrate effective time management and organizational skills.
5. Demonstrate thorough knowledge of the subject being taught.
6. Demonstrate classroom management strategies appropriate to the learning situation.
7. Demonstrate ability to assess individual needs and performance.
8. Demonstrate ability to address criticism in an appropriate manner and develop constructive outcomes. 
Key Duties and Responsibilities: 
1. Actively pursue professional growth activities.
2. Complete required reports promptly and accurately.
3. Accept responsibilities outside the classroom as they relate to the school.
4. Assume responsibility for care of materials, equipment and facilities.
5. Assume responsibility for a neat, safe environment for students committed to the teacher's care. 6. Practice and promote positive interaction with and among students.
7. Demonstrate enthusiasm for learning.
8. Demonstrate interest in students.
9. Encourage self-direction and self-motivation in students.
10. Adapt and adjust instructional presentation of subject content to students' needs and interests.
11. Maintain and organized program of instruction based on effective long-range plans.
12. Exhibit evidence of effective lessor planning.
13. Utilize a variety of appropriate materials and resources.
14. Communicate the lesson objective and its importance to students.
15. Utilize appropriate and varied teaching techniques and leaning activities both in class and out of class.
16. Maintain an effective system of monitoring student progress and to inform appropriate persons of such progress.
17. Maintain a clean, neat appearance, appropriate to position 
The following Qualifications, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities, and Key Duties and Responsibilities are given by way of example, and are not intended to be all inclusive and are not set forth in order of importance. 
18. Adhere to guidelines of confidentiality as outlined in federal and state laws and School Board Policies and Procedures.
19. Maintain a record of appropriate attendance and punctuality.
20. Serve as an optimal role model for students, colleagues, and the general public.
21. Must work in close harmony with colleagues, supervisors, and co-workers
22. Comply with all district and school policies and regulations.
23. Perform other duties as assigned.